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A walk in the park

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Spending time as a family is a precious source of well-being.

Parents can relax in nature while the kids enjoy trying new activities in the dynamic, fascinating Vosges.

There are plenty of things to do as a family, with something for all ages and all tastes. Walking, for example, is a great way to discover the natural treasures of the Vosges Mountains in a new light.

Bussang - Théâtre du peuple

Take advantage of this hike near Bussang to discover the Théâtre du Peuple, a historical monument.

Living and learning

The kids are not very excited about hiking in the mountains today. We’re sure that the fresh air will do them good, so we suggest a walk on the Goat’s Trail. The thought of coming face to face with animals brings about some unexpected excitement. For nearly 2 hours, the children have a great time walking the trail along the animal park. Appearances from goats, deer and other farm animals make this family outing a hit.

Hohneck - Route des crêtes

Walking as a family

At any age, hiking requires the right equipment and a bit of preparation. When hiking with little ones, it’s important to remember to hydrate, protect everyone from the sun and wear the right shoes. Read our list of advice and tips to fully enjoy your outing.

Massif des Vosges @ MC_DSC

Learning and observing are essential parts of walking as a family. Along your hike, spark the children’s curiosity by teaching them about nature.

Unspoilt nature

It’s an adventure for the kids! Along every hike, there are lots of questions about the plants and animals that surround us. Step by step, we take the time to explain a few of nature’s secrets and teach the kids about preserving the environment. The children quickly understand how important it is to protect nature’s treasures.

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Walking and having fun

We don’t walk just to walk. Hiking with the children is about spending time as a family in a natural setting. We adapt the hike to their needs, and we often stop along the way to rest or play a game. Nature is a larger than life playground that is just waiting to be enjoyed.

The Vosges Mountains are a preserved natural site; please don’t leave your rubbish behind.