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A family-style adventure

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A giant outdoor playground, the Vosges Mountains are perfect for a holiday as a family.

With activities like orienteering and scavenger hunts, you’ll need all your senses and a bit of skill for an adventure full of twists and turns. Lace up your shoes and get ready for a breath of fresh air!


Caches, or geocaches, can be found all throughout the world. They usually contain a log with the names of the adventurers who have come across the cache and sometimes contain little objects called treasures.

Treasure hunting 2.0

With geocaching, leave your map and compass at home and make room for technology! Your smartphone’s GPS will be your best friend along this original outing. An interactive and collaborative treasure hunt for “caches” hidden all throughout the Vosges, geocaching is fun for kids and parents alike.

Budding detectives

In the valleys, villages or in the heart of the mountains, the scavenger hunts of the Vosges awaken the adventurer within! The 10 resorts guarantee an unforgettable experience as a family while following in the footsteps of two adventurers, Rose and Louis.

The scavenger hunts, designed just for kids, vary in length from 1 to 4.5 km.

Visit the participating tourist offices to discover the free scavenger hunts.

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From May to October, Le Lac Blanc has a 1.2 km barefoot walk. Along the way, there are games of skill, sensory experiences and fun nature discoveries.

A journey for the senses

Kick off your shoes and enjoy a sensory experience. With its “barefoot trails”, the Vosges Mountains appeal to your need for simplicity. Walking directly on the ground means changing speeds and rediscovering freedom that we’ve forgotten with modern life. Let your senses take over with rocks, bark, sand, gravel and pine cones under your feet.

An outdoor video game

In Bitche, play a game of open-air laser tag. For ages 6 and up, Laser Game Outdoor at the TEPACAP camp is a fun experience with 0% pain and 100% action. Armed with your infrared gun, set out on an off-the-beaten-track adventure with this exciting virtual shooting game.

Survival in the Vosges

Have you always had the heart of an explorer? Near Gérardmer, meet Olivier and test your survival skills in the great outdoors! On this eventful excursion, you’ll learn how to build a shelter, start a fire or purify drinking water.

Survival courses are also available for families with children ages 10 and up.