Massif des Vosges - Activités extérieurs en Famille
Massif des Vosges - Activités extérieurs en Famille
Experiences Holidays as a family

Jump, climb, dive and shout as you please

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Holidays have an air of freedom; it’s a time for letting go and surrendering to life.

In the Vosges Mountains, we’ve got thrilling activities to share as a family for a few hours or a whole day. A fun, adrenaline-filled opportunity for little ones to let go and fully enjoy their freedom in the 10 resorts of the Vosges.

Massif des Vosges - Cascade de Tendon
Massif des Vosges - Cascade de Tendon

Nothing is off-limits

“Come here, go there, you’ll catch a chill…”. We usually watch over our little ones a bit too much, but here, everything will be just fine. Holidays are a time to ease up on the kids and let them live life to the fullest, where they can play as much as they want, with no scolding!

Leaping about and a breath of fresh air

Off we go to La Bresse for 3 hours of high-flying activities. The kids are jumping, shouting and singing, and it’s lovely to see them so happy. Friendships are formed in the bouncy castle, and other kids try out a few stunts in the safe setting of the bungee trampolines. While the children are having fun, we enjoy a side-splitting fight in the sumo suits. Cameras in hand, we capture every moment of this experience as a family.

In La Bresse, the aero trampoline and Waouland are open to kids ages 2 and up in both summer and winter.

Vagney - Camping du Mettey

There are numerous water sports centres in the Vosges Mountains.

Take the plunge

Open to children ages 8 and up, canyoning is an athletic activity that tests your courage. We propel down mountain streams and finish in a river pool before starting up again. The next day, we’re off to the swimming pool to relax, recover from our challenging adventure, and take a few trips down the toboggan.

Markstein - Luge d'été
Markstein - Luge d'été

Year-round mountain sports

Hurtle down a mountain aboard a scooter, a tube, skis, a snow kite, a toboggan or a mountain bike. We’re big fans of downhill sports as a family in the Vosges Mountains.

La Bresse - Fantasticable, Bol d'Air
La Bresse -
Fantasticable, Bol d'Air

Get a birds-eye view aboard the Fantasticable zipline: solo, as a duo or sitting in a harness. .

Fly above the mountains

Instead of being scared, kids love a rush of adrenaline. Launched at full speed above the tree line of pines, the children scream with joy the whole ride down on the zip line. Two days later, the need for thrills returns and we head to Gérardmer to get our fill with a day paragliding as a family.

Massif des Vosges - Parc Accrobranche Form'Aventure
Massif des Vosges - Parc Accrobranche Form'Aventure

In the Higher Vosges, cliff and rock climbing outings are available for children ages 4 and up.

Are you game to finish the trail?

With beginner’s courses in rock climbing, an adventure park and via cordata, we’ll be climbing experts in no time. Using our concentration, balance and determination, we move forward along the trail adapted to our level. At the Ballon d’Alsace, Acropark has a giant motorised zipline for all ages.