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Crossing the Vosges Mountains on foot

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In the Vosges Mountains, there are more than 20,000 km of well-kept, marked trails waiting for hikers.

Push your limits on a journey through natural treasures, on your own, as a family, or with friends.

Be sure that your trek is adapted to your ability and your tastes, for an enjoyable adventure from start to finish.

A not-to-be-missed hike

The TMV trail is a GR long-distance footpath that crosses the Vosges, created by the famous Club Vosgien. The hiking trail links the Northern and Southern Vosges over nearly 430 km. Also known as the “red rectangle trail”, the boldest of ramblers can hike the entire trail for a 19-day adventure.

The Club Vosgien uses coloured geometric shapes as markers to guide hikers along the trails, thus the nickname “red rectangle”.

Volunteers at your service

For more than 140 years, the volunteers of the Club Vosgien maintain 20,000 km of trails and markers in the Vosges Mountains. Every year, the club publishes maps and hiking guides, available for purchase throughout the region. The FFRP hiking federation does the same work on the GR long-distance footpaths.

The volunteers of the Club Vosgien also manage chalets, refuges and shelters in the mountains for hikers.

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Heaps of detailed itineraries

To find out more about the different stages of the TMV trail and to start organising your hike, itineraries are available at www.massif-des-vosges.com.

For each itinerary, the detailed hiking guides present the difficulty, distance, estimated time and advice on sites to discover.


Itineraries for all tastes

Hiking for 19 days along the TMV trail requires a certain level of fitness and a lot of free time. There are also 3 to 5-day itineraries, so that everyone can experience the natural treasures of the Vosges. These circuits sometimes use well-known trails like the E2 and are perfect for discovering natural sites and tourist attractions.

The E2 is a European long-distance footpath that crosses through Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Switzerland.

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A variety of landscapes

We love hiking for the exercise, but also for clearing our minds and for spending time with friends or family. We also like hiking for discovering different panoramas and for getting back to nature. Discover the Vosges’s amazing diversity along the TMV trail, with lakes, ponds, boulders, forests and mountain pastures. Open your eyes onto an unknown world where nature is king.

Share photos of your unforgettable journey with #massifdesvosges on Instagram.

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An accredited trail

The TMV trail is in the process of obtaining the "Leading Quality Trails" certification. This label is a quality guarantee for hikers, and a testament to the investments of the tourism providers of the Vosges, with visits and services adapted for everyone, all along the trail.

The hiking trail, a part of the GR5 long-distance footpath, will be the longest marked trail in Europe, at 430 km.

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European quality in the Northern Vosges

The Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park is a partner destination of the “Best of Wandern” network of 10 European mountain tourist destinations. This network was developed through partnerships with leading hiking brands that provide top-of-the-line equipment to the destinations.

The “Best of Wandern” destinations offer free equipment hire in their Test Centres. The centre of the Northern Vosges is near Bitche and Baerenthal.