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Dare to soar higher

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What better than a breathtaking journey to the skies to discover the diverse landscapes of the Vosges Mountains?

Let a sense of freedom wash over you on a larger-than-life escape aboard a paraglider, a hot air balloon, a plane or simply perched atop the summit of one of the highest peaks.

Le Hohneck - Route des crêtes

Alsafly of.fers flights in a two-seater airplane to admire landscapes and hidden sites

Hop in a plane and take flight

We take off and get a bit of perspective while flying high above the immense landscapes. The Ballons des Vosges, the mountain ridges, the Hohneck, the Kastelberg, the Rainkopf, the 5 Castles Trail: the beauty of the Vosges Mountains unfolds along our aerial journey, leaving us speechless.

The panoramas offer a variety of colours: a bit of blue, a lot of green and a few touches of white that catch our eye as we fly. When we land, it’s a return to both nature and reality.

See farther

On the summit of the Hohneck, there’s a viewpoint indicator and exceptional views of the Alsace Plain, the Black Forest and even the Alps on a clear day.

Photo op on the ridge

We head out on foot to discover the breathtaking views on the 88 km long Crest Road. It crosses through several mountain passes and summits of the Vosges: the Markstein, the Grand Ballon, the Schlucht and the Vieil Armand. We keep our cameras handy, ready to capture each and every landscape.

For an easy way to enjoy the Crest Road, hop aboard the crest tourist shuttle. All the stops are linked to the GR5 footpath.

Comme un air de canada

There are 3 lakes in the Valley of the Lakes: Gérardmer, Longemer and Retournemer.

A bit of Canada in the Vosges

In the Higher Vosges, we breathe in the fresh air in the middle of the Valley of the Lakes. Between lakes and mountains, the surrounding nature transports us to a universe inspired by glaciers. We stop along our high-altitude hike, among the pine trees, to observe the splendid stretches of blue that colour the landscapes.

A zipline adventure

Our hearts are racing, the wind is in our hair and an air of freedom surrounds us. Everything looks small from up here: the people, the lakes and the forest. As we ride down the zipline at full speed, skimming the tree line, we admire the natural panoramas that surround us. A real breath of fresh air!

There are plenty of high-flying nature activities to choose from at Pierre Percée Lake, in La Bresse and in many other sites in the Vosges.


Massif des Vosges - Plateau des Milles Etangs
Massif des Vosges - Plateau des Milles Etangs

To fly over the Plateau of a Thousand Lakes in a hot-air balloon, visit Don’t forget to share your getaway on Instagram with #massifdesvosges.

Sky-high in a hot-air balloon

The heat of the burner propels us high in the sky. By the whims of the wind, the hot-air balloon heads towards the horizon. In the distance, we spot the Plateau of a Thousand Lakes with its forests and moors.

We wish we could capture the panoramas of this timeless moment to pull out of a box as we please, but we can’t. The journey leaves us in such a tranquil state that all we can do is admire the view.

Philippsbourg ruines © Falkenstein Gilles

Enjoy a 360° view of the Northern Vosges from the summit of Dabo Rock, at 664 m.

Exceptional panoramas in the Northern Vosges

Back on solid ground, we enjoy a moment of contemplation at Falkenstein Castle. Perched above the pink sandstone ruins, we admire the views of the Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park, a Unesco-listed treasure. A beautiful reminder that “nature is a temple”.