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Escape to the clouds

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Looking to clear your mind and leave behind the city crowds and hubbub?

Pack your bags and head to the rolling mountains of the Vosges for a high-altitude getaway of extraordinary proportions.

Discover and admire wild nature in an unspoilt setting while hiking along the ridges of the Vosges. A relaxing, tranquil, complete escape.

Le Hohneck - Route des crêtes

There are also much shorter itineraries for discovering some of the peaks of the Vosges. Choose your itinerary at and organise your escapade on the peaks of the Vosges Mountains.

Starting out

After a bit of preparation, we head out to discover the peaks of the Vosges Mountains. Our itinerary starts at the Hohneck, and then passes by the Grand Ballon before a spectacular finish at the Ballon d’Alsace. When we arrive, the panorama is so stunning that we decide to spend the night near the summit to admire the view at sunrise.

Le Hohneck - Route des crêtes

The blueish colour that seems to rise at a distance could come from aerosol emissions by trees. Dreamers can keep searching for a less rational explanation.

The Blue Line of the Vosges

The colours fade together leaving only blue on the horizon. Perched on a slope of the mountain, we marvel at this naturally occurring, surprising phenomenon.

Le Hohneck u00a9 Justine Vannson

 A bit peckish while taking in the view? There’s a restaurant at the summit of the Hohneck, or you can always bring a picnic.

Sunset on the Hohneck, the roof of the Vosges

Red, pink, orange… the sun sets in the distance with harmonious shades of colours. Relaxing in the grass, we take in nature’s show on the summit of the Hohneck, at an elevation of 1363 metres.


Le Hohneck route des cru00eates

A bit closer to the stars

The Grand Ballon, the highest point of the Vosges Mountains at 1424 m tall, pulls us towards the sky. No need for filters to retouch our stunning photos of the lakes, gravel pits, pine forests and mountain pastures we see as we climb to the top. It’s perfect: immense landscapes that transport us to a world of complete tranquillity. This “celestial terrace” of the Vosges Mountains is a must for those looking to escape.

u00a9 Denis BRINGARD

Unplugging on the Ballon d'Alsace

The discovery trail of the Ballon d'Alsace is an easy hike for everyone. Along the walk, we come across 10 information panels on climate, geology, plants, history and hydrology. Staring out into the distance, we’re immersed in a breathtaking 360° view.

The viewpoint walk of the Ballon d’Alsace is a hike with exceptional panoramic views of the Vosges, Jura and even the Swiss Alps.

Massif des Vosges - A la recherche de la Voie lactée

In search of the Milky Way

It towers over the Vosges on a clear night. Observe the starry trail of the Milky Way from the mountain peaks at nightfall.