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An Arctic breeze

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Dense forests, wide-open spaces, beautiful lakes: surrounded by such exhilarating nature, it’s as if we have the whole world to ourselves. When the snow begins to fall on the mountains, a sense of calm takes over in the Vosges.

We decide to embark on a timeless journey of limitless exploration and adventure, far away from it all.

La Bresse - Igloo
La Bresse - Igloo

This unique holiday is available at the Champ du Feu resort by advance booking only.

Living like an Inuit

Our unforgettable night in an igloo brings out our inner child. Step by step, we build our bedroom out of snow, following the advice of our mountain guide. Proud of our dwelling, we make our way to a farmhouse inn to enjoy a delicious marcaire meal.

After dinner, we begin our night-time expedition by torchlight. The snowshoe hike through sleeping nature of the Vosges is rejuvenating. Back at our igloo, it’s time to enjoy a night that we won’t soon forget.

Massif des Vosges - Chiens de traîneau2
Massif des Vosges u00a9Thomas Devard

In the Vosges Mountains, there are lots of activities with sled dogs to choose from.

Follow the pack at nightfall

Night has fallen on the mountains and it’s time to leave our room and tackle the ridges of the Vosges. We’re not a fan of traditional outings, so we opt for a night-time discovery alongside sled dogs. We cross the mountains like real mushers, surrounded by the silence of the night.

Massif des Vosges - Escalade glace
© Massif des Vosges - Escalade glace © Pierre Perry

Winter mountaineering

Climbing enthusiasts, both beginners and seasoned experts, can enjoy the snowy trails and mixed terrain in the Higher Vosges.

La Bresse - Snowkite
© La Bresse - Snowkite © MLaurent

Glide across a winter landscape on a snowkite

The gentle slopes of the Vosges Mountains are perfect for snowkiting. The wind powers the kite, and we’re pulled along by the winter gusts. A snowkite school offers lessons for beginners and equipment hire.

Massif des Vosges - Musher
Massif des Vosges - Musher

Kicksledding is an original activity open to ages 14 and up. Each participant has their own dog for the duration of the 2-hour outing.

Musher for a day

We enjoy a day of Nordic discoveries at Noir Lake. After meeting the reindeer and spending time in the kennel, we head out on a snowshoe hike with the sled dogs. And to top off our active day, we’re invited to enjoy a sweet snack on the farm. What a delight!

Ballon d'Alsace Hiver
Sommet du Ballon d'Alsace u00a9Denis Bringard

Take to the skies

What better than a winter adventure in the skies to admire the frozen lakes and snow-covered expanses of the Vosges. Looking out at the endless horizon, the hot-air balloon gently climbs higher and higher until we’re immersed in a larger-than-life picture postcard. In the winter, high-pressure systems provide ideal weather for enjoying the sunny skies.

Climb to the summits to observe the snow-covered landscapes without ever leaving the ground.