Gérardmer - nuit insolite- Chalet Roche Renard
Gérardmer - nuit insolite- Chalet Roche Renard
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An original holiday surrounded by nature

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Switch things up to get a taste of something exceptional.

We spend a night in a unique mountain refuge, completely immersed in the natural forests of the Vosges Mountains. The area is brimming with perfect places for unforgettable memories! Escape to the heart of the Vosges Mountains, where children at heart can answer the call for adventure while nature lovers embrace Romanticism.

Aubure - Tente Canadienne
Aubure - Tente Canadienne

Sleep in a bubble under the stars

Safe in your bubble in the middle of nature, what an experience! For a night of stargazing, there’s nothing better than spending a night in a bubble, surrounded by the wide-open spaces of the Vosges Mountains. It’s like camping under the stars, but with all the comforts of a hotel. The sky of the Vosges puts on an impressive celestial show!

In the Vosges Mountains, there are 3 sites where you can drift off to dreamland while observing the starry night sky from a bubble.

A nomadic journey

We could use a breath of fresh air, so we head out to discover the dwelling of the nomadic people of Mongolia: the yurt. We’re surprised at how roomy and comfortable it is. The kids can already imagine playing in this other-worldly cocoon.

La Yourte L’Autre Monde in Hohwald welcomes guests for a one-of-a-kind night!

Cabins for kids at heart

Who hasn’t dreamt of having a log cabin like we imagined as kids? Mushrooms, wooden caravans, thatched houses or tree houses: there are all sorts of options for an intensely relaxing holiday in the Vosges Mountains.


Champdray - Cabanes Nids de Luxe

Numerous hosts invite guests to spend the night in a log cabin. As a couple or with friends, in the air or on the ground, you’ll find the cabin of your dreams in the mountains.

One-of-a-kind campsites

The kids couldn’t be happier! For our holiday in the Vosges, we choose a uniquely simple accommodation option: camping. Ecolodges, wooden cabins, caravans: there are infinite possibilities for enjoying the natural environment.


Osenbach - Camping
Camping à Osenbach ©Pierre Jochem

We love the savvy, eco-friendly camping at the Verte Vallée campsite in Xonrupt-Longemer.

A flower for the night

On the edge of the forest above the holiday resort of Le Rimlishof, we come across an unidentified flying object: the Campalune. Between the trees and surrounded by singing birds, we’re face to face with a giant, 5-metre-high lily pad. We decide to test it out for the night. What a surprise when we wake up to a 360° panoramic view of the Vosges Mountains!

One trail, countless histories

In the Vosges Mountains, we live for nature: to listen and observe. But also take the time to discover the Chalots Trail, brimming with the region’s historical heritage. Among orchards and waterfalls, meet artisans and producers and discover exceptional accommodation.

Val d'Ajol - Les Chelos
Val d'Ajol - Les Chelos

From the 17th century, chalots are annexes that were used to store grain, meat, important documents and Sunday clothes, in case the farm caught fire. Les Chellos de Marie welcomes guests in Le Val d’Ajol for a romantic night surrounded by the heritage of the Vosges.