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Meeting people is an essential part of travelling. Whether we seek out encounters or they sneak up on us, each opportunity to share is a learning experience about both ourselves and others.

Locals, professionals and lovers of the Vosges Mountains open their doors and their hearts to those who enjoy stepping into the unknown.

Massif des Vosges - Haut-du Them Chateau Lambert
Massif des Vosges - Haut-du Them Chateau Lambert

A love of the mountains

We feel right at home in the Vosges Mountains. In addition to the numerous activities on offer, we experience all kinds of unique encounters.

Sometimes, along our outings, we feel like locals and we’re just running into old friends.

Not-to-be-missed visits in good company

These are the ambassadors of the Vosges Mountains. We discover the different eras, landscapes and traditions of the mountains alongside them. The guides know all there is to know about the Vosges: its history, architecture and natural heritage. These professionals organise guided tours adapted to all ages and all tastes.

To prepare your visit, ask for the list of guides from the tourist offices of the Vosges Mountains.

Meeting the locals

We’d never heard of the concept before Pierre offered to show us around his valley. He’s a greeter: locals that welcome visitors on a tour of their town or region, all free of charge. Like all the greeters, Pierre is a passionate volunteer. He enjoys meeting new people and making sure that they love his “home” as much as he does.

There are several networks of greeters in the Vosges Mountains : in the Munster Valley, in the Northern Vosges, and also in the Bruche Valley. Meet up with a greeter for an off-the-beaten-track experience. Contact the tourist offices for more information.

Guaranteed merriment at events in the Vosges

Immerse yourself in the life of the locals and share in authentic moments. With festivals, celebrations and traditional events, you might never want to leave the mountains. For those who like to keep up with the latest trends, there’s the “Mode et Tissus” fashion trade show in the spring, and geography buffs will enjoy the “International Geography Festival” in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges.



Celebrating transhumance

Twice a year, the Vosges Mountains are a backdrop for a well-anticipated celebration: transhumance. In May, during the spring transhumance, herds of Vosgienne cows make their way up to green pastures for the summer. Whether you love a good walk or are just curious, you can follow the herd and experience the event like in olden times. In September or October, depending on the weather, it’s back to the cowshed for the autumn transhumance.

Several farms of the Vosges Mountains participate in this not-to-be-missed-event.

Meet the passionate growers of an iconic fruit

Made in the Southern Vosges, Kirsch de Fougerolles is the 4th brandy in France to be awarded a Protected Designation of Origin. Try it on its own, in a cocktail or you can even cook with it, but always in moderation. To discover the secrets of making this cherry liqueur, visit the Pays de la Cerise Ecomuseum.

To meet the producers of the Vosges Mountains, visit