Massif des Vosges - Aventure Parc - Saut à l’élastique

Get ready to come and see us!


Just imagine, a long blue line of round, peaceful mountains with gentle peaks and generous forests. Imagine a land of flowing rivers, fresh air and pure nature. Imagine a living, bountiful, passionate land: an endless playground for enjoying thousands of relaxing, stimulating and invigorating activities, to discover all year round and to your heart’s desire.

Massif des Vosges - Cyclo sport en montagne
Massif des Vosges - Cyclo sport en montagne

Now, imagine the TGV, that fabulous machine that makes the world smaller and the weekends longer. You’ve arrived! Welcome to the Vosges Mountains, an ideal destination that’s quick and easy to get to and perfect for recharging your batteries.

And after the TGV? There’s a whole network of connections on TER Grand Est and TER Bourgogne-France Comté, regional buses and trains to drop you off at your holiday destination.

And if you’re coming from a bit further away? The Vosges are easily accessible from the motorway network:

  • the A4, A31/N57 (free between Luxembourg and Saint-Dié-des-Vosges or Épinal),
  • the A35 (Strasbourg-Bâle) and
  • the A36 (coming from the south).

You can also arrive by plane and land at the gateway to the Vosges at EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg , Strasbourg Airport  or Lorraine Airport, located between Metz and Nancy.