Le Hohneck - Route des crêtes
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Step by step, get your fill of green energy!

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So that you can continue to be inspired by this exceptional natural environment for a long time to come, whether by bike, on foot or on snowshoes, stay naturally responsible!

  • Check the weather before leaving: the Vosges is a mountainous region and the weather can change quickly. Look at the weather forecast before leaving and dress accordingly, with a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses on a sunny day. On a cold or rainy day, dress in light layers rather than a thick sweater and don’t forget a lightweight, waterproof jacket. Wear suitable hiking shoes and leave any thin-soled shoes in your closet!
  • If you hope to observe wildlife, try to keep the kids excitement to a minimum and keep your four-legged friends at bay – the animal kingdom likes peace and quiet!
  • Don’t leave without water and a snack, for yourself and for your children!
  • Never forget that while nature is beautiful, it’s also fragile and must be respected. Don’t leave any rubbish behind and stay on the marked trails. The mountains have very diverse plant life, and it’s up to all of us to protect it.
  • Watch out for ticks! After a hike along our trails, make sure that you haven’t been bitten. If you have, remove the tick with a special tick remover (sold in pharmacies) or with tweezers. Don’t apply any type of product and consult a doctor.
  • In case of a problem, call 112: a free service for reaching emergency services, 24/7, from any phone.
PNR Vosges du Nord - Château du Ramstein
PNR Vosges du Nord - Château du Ramstein